S.C/H.S.C Examination Fee

Rs.50,000 as limit

The Examination Fees Loan Scheme which was introduced in the year 2007 to help members who are not eligible for government grants and who need financial help to pay examination fees for School Certificate and Higher School Certificate.


  1. Amount of loan depends on prescribed SC & HSC examination fees
  2. Repayment period: 2 years Maximum
  3. 1 guarantor required
  4. Applicant must be a member of NSF
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  1. 1. Submission of application before 15:00 on weekdays and before noon on Saturdays.
  2. 2. Amount of loan approved will be based on repayment capacity & credit profile (MCIB report) of the applicant & guarantor.
  3. 3. Application Forms may be downloaded on our website or obtainable at the seat of EWF.
  4. 4. No penalty on early repayment.

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