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Loan for People with Disabilities

1. Maximum amount: Rs 300,000
2. Only 1 guarantor required
3. Repayment period: up to 8 years

Eligibility Criteria

All employees from the public and private sector who:
1. Are disabled.
2. Have immediate family member/s who is/are disabled.
3. Applicant/Beneficiary should be registered with Ministry of Social Security, National Solidarity and Reform Institutions.
4. Applicant and Guarantor should be in permanent employment.


1. Purchase of assistive devices, either new or refurbished.
2. Upgrading of living conditions through infrastructural adjustments and/or movables (furniture or equipment) in respect of disability.
3. For medical treatment prescribed by official health service providers.
4. For studies/training (locally or abroad) approved by authorized institutions.

Recash available (*conditions apply)
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