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Welfare Loan

Employees of the public and private sector on behalf of whom contributions to the National Savings Fund (NSF) are being made and who are in active employment for at least 1 year.

The Welfare Loan is an example of a demand-driven scheme with a broadened scope covering personal needs of employees and their families, as follows:
1. Travel and Holidays
2. Wedding Ceremonies
3. Medical expenses
4. Purchase of furniture, electrical appliances & keep ¦t equipment
5. Home renovation
6. Security equipment for homes like Alarm System, Camera, etc.

Scheme Details

1. Loan amount: Up to a maximum of Rs 300,000
2. Repayment period: A maximum period of 5 years (depending on amount of loan)
3. Guarantee: 1 Guarantor in sustainable post

Recash available (*conditions apply)