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About Us


To be the leading welfare institution for employees and their families.


To be responsive to the evolving WELFARE needs of employees and their families in line with the objectives of the institution.


  1. Uphold quality of products and services
  2. Optimum utilization of resources
  3. Accountability
  4. Effective communication
  5. Integrity
  6. Innovation & creativity
  7. Life-long learning


The objectives of the Fund as per the EWF Act 1995 are:

  1. To manage the financial and other resources of the Fund.
  2. To set up and operate schemes and projects for the welfare of employees and their families.
  3. To give loans or financial assistance to employees or their families for such purpose as may be determined by the Board and,
  4. To do all such things as appear to be necessary and conducive to the promotion of the welfare of employees and their family.


Following the Tripartite meeting held in 1991, the proposal for setting up an Employees Welfare Fund to cater for the welfare, leisure and recreational needs of the employees was retained. The Fund was provided with a legal framework for its operation under the Finance and Audit (Employees Welfare Fund) Regulation 1991 on 9th August 1991. A few years later, in 1995, it became a body corporate with the enactment of the Employees Welfare Act 1995.

It operates with a seed capital made up of contribution paid by employers in respect of their employees during period 01 July 1991 to 30 June 1994. The total annual contribution represented 2.5% of the salaries of employees.

The Fund is administered and controlled by a Board of ten persons, selected on the basis of a tripartite philosophy, with three representatives of Employees, Employers and Government respectively and a Chairman.

Composition of EWF Board

Chairperson : Mr. Hamritraj Boyjonauth
Representative of Government : Mr. Rajagopalan Subbrahmanya Pillay Amourdon
Mr. Ravi Meettook
Dr. Dhanandjay Kawol
Representative of Employees : Mr. Suraj Ray
Mr. Reeaz Mohumad Chuttoo
Mr. Radhakrisna Sadien, MSK
Representative of Employers : Mr. Pradeep Dursun
Mrs. Lilowtee Rajmun-Joosery, CSK
Mr. Vasish Ramkhalawon