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Loan Schemes

Choose one of the following loan schemes to verify your eligibility

Education Loan Schemes available for employees and their children/wards undertaking vocational, technical, tertiary studies… Read more

An example of a demand-driven scheme with a broadened scope covering specific personal needs of employees and their families… Read more

Car loan is available to all employees of both public and private sector… Read more
Introduced in 2014, this scheme is made available for all employees with disabilities both from the public and private sector on permanent establishment… Read more
The Examination Fees Loan Scheme was introduced in the year 2007 to help members who are not eligible for government grants… Read more
This scheme is being made available for all employees to finance any urgent medical or surgical intervention. The maximum sum grantable is… Read more
In view of expressing its solidarity to working members of the Fund contributing to the NSF, the EWF has set up a Financial Assistance Scheme…Read more