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Education Loan

Helping you build your career

Two types of Education Loan Schemes are available for employees and their children/wards undertaking vocational, technical, and tertiary studies on a full-time/part-time basis or distance learning. The EWF education loan is for Mauritian students who intend to study in Mauritius as well as in foreign universities.

Loan facilities to all Employees of the Public and Private sectors for whom contributions have been made to the EWF or the National Savings Fund and their children.
An in-house death cover scheme covers the applicant during period of refund and the ward during the period of study.

Secured Loan

1. Loan amount: Rs 1M as from 4% and second Rs 1M at 6%
2. Repayment period: Up to 20 years with repayment options.
3. Guarantee: Fixed charge on property or fixed deposit from a recognized institution or bank guarantee.

Soft Loan

1. The maximum amount of loan grantable is Rs. 500,000. Floating charge is applicable for amount as from Rs300,000
2. Repayment period: Up to 20 years
3. Guarantee: 1 or 2 guarantors (*conditions apply)

The EWF Education Loan Scheme also finances Workshop/Seminars and Professional Examination (ACCA, ACA, ICSA) as well as Non Awarding Courses such as soft skills, etc.

The EWF Education Loan Scheme also finances all approved study-related equipment and accessories (like laptop, personal computers, photography equipment, etc) at an interest rate of 6%.

Recash available on Education Loan. (*conditions apply)